E-papillon 1000 240V

E-papillon 1000 240V

  • $514.80

Professional Grade 220 V -240 V/1000 W Lighting System

The e-Papillon is the flagship of DE (double ended) lighting systems. The unique aspects offer many advantages over conventional 1000w luminaires and imitation “knock-offs”. Efficiency is the main factor that separates this fixture into a class of its own. The design uses less overall input energy to produce more light output to the crop.

Combining a superior patented reflector design, state-of-the-art ballast compontery and custom gas chemistry for optimal PAR efficiency, the e-Papillon delivers the highest return on investment (ROI) per watt on the market today.

Vigorous quality control tests and feedback from a global network of satisfied commercial, hobby and greenhouse growers, allows us to maintain a high level of craftsmanship and innovation. Working only with suppliers who share our similar philosophy on quality production increases our uniformity and consistency.

The e-Papillon offers many advantages over conventional luminaires.

  • Quite simply, it uses the same amount energy to produce more light.

    This is achieved by combining a superior reflector (95% efficiency) with the brighter Double Ended 1000 watt EL lamp.

  • Giving the e-Papillon package the highest PAR output per watt. The e-Papillon uses a safety cover that provides a thermal buffer between the hot reflector material and any objects that it may come in contact with.
  • The protective cover reduces the surface heat from 390°F down to 160°F.

    The Open Reflector Functionality directs more light to the canopy while trapping considerably less heat. Heat is allowed to rise away from the canopy more efficiently.

    The heat that is generated on the lamp surface is not transferred directly to the plant, but indirectly, with air acting as a carrier.

  • Using the open reflector concept, a natural air current is created, with which the heat is distributed evenly throughout the environment, thereby preventing the formation of hotspots on the plant.
  • The Reflector allows heat to dissipate away from the canopy, greatly reducing garden hotspots and increasing overall lamp life (less heat build up).

    Lights Interaction's patented reflectors have a yield of 95% (measured in a laboratory certified by the British Standardisation lnstitute). The lux values achieved by luminaires with these reflectors are as much as 10% higher than by conventional luminaires resulting in more PAR light to the plant canopy.

    Using a completely different production process, Lights Interaction is able to use a reflector material of a high surface density and a high reflection capacity.

    The reflector is designed to reduce the heating-up of the lamp to the minimum possible extent. As a result, there is a lower drop in the light output of the lamp in the course of its life.

    In short, our reflector produces more light (light output of 95%- Light Output Ratio), a broader beam of growth light that penetrates deeper into the plant and lower lamp luminosity rate thanks to a relatively low reflector temperature.

  • 1000w adjustable ultra high frequency ballast (Range: 600-1150w) Can be ran at 600w, 660w, 750w, 825w, 1000w, 1150w
  • Higher density