NANOLUX 1000W Dimmable Flip

NANOLUX 1000W Dimmable Flip

  • $358.80

The Nanolux Flip ballast utilizes the latest “Nano-Alter” digital technology allowing the operation of two reflectors/lamps with one ballast!


  • The first electronic ballast on the market with a built in flip relay to drive dual bulbs, eliminating the need for a separate flip relay and making your garden safer and more affordable.
  • Strike both Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium Bulbs
  • Comprehensive short-circuit/circuit overheat/lamp failure protection
  • Can be used as a single (no flip) ballast or used with dual lamps (not simultaneously), in flip mode. Lamp outputs are controlled with the use of an external timer.
  • The Flip ballast allows the user to safely switch one ballast to run two lights, expanding your growing area without an additional ballast equipment cost.
  • The first electronic ballast that allows an individual ballast to run two separate lights - one at a time - by switching back and forth between each light, at a user-specified interval.

    instal your new Nanolux Flip Ballast™ away from any potential heat or moisture source. Although these units are made to withstand extreme gardening conditions, keeping the unit as cool and dry as possible will extend Its life and not promote early failure.

  • With the power off, connect your ballasts together

    with the UL listed connection cords to ‘Daisy Chain’ the Nanolux Flip ballasts together.

  • Connect each of the 2 (two) lamp cords to the ballast from which you want to flip.
  • Connect the first Nanolux Flip ballast In series to your lighting control device or timer.
  • Confirm all connections are property seated.
  • Set your lighting control device or timer to the required setting.
  • Power the system on,and the default setting to the output to lamp 1. Will turn on first.
  • An unlimited number of Nanolux Flip Ballast can be connected together.
  • Dimming-In addition to the flip feature we have Included the popular Dimming function,which allows you to operate your ballast at 100%, 75%,and :50% power. We have also included a soft start solution which gives each ballast a 0-15 seconds window upon which it will ignite the bulb. This allows for a lower initial power draw when using multiple ballasts for larger gardens. Use of the LED Status Indicator allows a user to diagnose any problems that may arise with operation of the unit and allows quick and easy diagnosis to get your lighting operating again as quickly as possible or to avoid any potential Issues due to equipment failure.
  • Green: operating normally.
  • Blink in 1. second: under (BOVac) and over(290 Vac) Input voltage protection.
  • Blink in 2. seconds: open and short circuit protection. 50 seconds to restart, will power off after restart 20 times.
  • Blink in 3 seconds: protection when ambient temperature is over 65°C (149°F.), restart when the temperature is under (131°F.).

    Package Dimensions: 16.9 L x 7.2 W x 3.7 H

  • Rated Wattage: 1000
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Ballast Type: Electronic
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz