Rapid Start

Rapid Start

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Rooting Enhancer, Growth Stimulant

Explosive new root formation and root development on cuttings Increases root length, root branching, and number of fine root hairs Greater amounts of root mass aids in nutrient uptake Reduces stress in early plant development

  • Bulking agent
  • Vitality booster Will not stain or leave a film on roots
  • Made in the USA.
RAPID START - is a proprietary blend of unique ingredients. Derived from plant extracts.


No chemicals or Plant Growth Regulator!

Rapid Start - is formulated with unique ingredients exclusive to GH. Rapid Start - can and should be used from first planting / cutting at the aggressive rate through vegetative and into flowering cycle at which point the dosage should be gradually lowered to the normal application rate. Rapid Start - can be used alone or in combination with any and all products, there are no known adverse reactions or interactions. Rapid Start should not affect either pH or EC in any significant manor.

Results from using Rapid Start:

  • Increases plant, flower and fruit size, is also a bulking agent
  • Increases root length and fi ne root hairs
  • Increases number of lateral roots (branching)
  • Stimulate new root development
  • Reduces stress in early plant development
  • Is clean, will not coat roots causing darkening / staining


Add after nutrient solution has been mixed and ph adjusted (if any nutrients are being used), in cloning machines add directly to water cutting / seed start through early part of flowering cycle (2.5ml) per gallon aggressive feeding / (1 ml) per gallon moderate application.